Netherlands in 100 Seconds

How does it look #Nederland really out now? To get a better sense of proportion, we take a 100-second walk across the country. Every second of the walk reveals 1% of land use and what it looks like from above.Are you ready for the Netherlands in 100 seconds?

What it turns out?

5% are swallowing along the coast
8% is forest
8% are houses and gardens
12% are fens, lakes and lakes

The rest is for agriculture:

12% are fields with crops and cows, farms and stables for pigs and chickens
18% are large crops with crops, most of which are fed to livestock
24% is pasture, to raise cows

So 54% is agriculture, compared with 25% nature.More than half of our territory is used for food, most of which are used for animal food; animals or animal feed.* The remaining 21% will be industry and asphalt. We do not see this in the video, but it is also about the relationship between agriculture and nature. The fact that this relationship is completely skewed seems obvious to me.

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