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Recipe tip from Mrs. Stip... A mirror jelly...

How to make a mirror jelly?

Baking an egg is really not difficult, yet some people have no idea how to make it. That's why this easy recipe.

What do you need?

One or two eggs
Possibly nutmeg

A pan
A fork
A spatula


Working method:

Melt the butter in the pan.
This may be quite a lump.
When she stops fizzing, spread them well over the bottom by twisting your pan so that the butter is distributed over the entire bottom of the pan.

Take an egg, tap it with a fork and open the eggshell.
Gently slide the egg into the pan.
Repeat if you want more than one egg.
Let the egg bake, you can see the protein solidify.
When the white is completely solidified and no translucent protein is visible, turn off the heat.
Now gently move the spatula along the edge of the egg to feel if it doesn't stick to your pan.
Shake your pan for a while so that the egg shifts.
When the egg is completely loose, you can slide it on a plate.
Finish with salt and nutmeg and your mirror egg is ready.
Eat a nice fresh sandwich with it.



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