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Recipe tip from Mrs. Dot... Broccoli cream soup

The winter temperatures make me enjoy a cup of hot soup much more. In combination with a fresh sandwich or a crispy baked sandwich, it is nice to eat. Especially after a walk or a tiring day, I completely frog. My freezer should therefore be supplemented with a variety of soups, nicely divided into portions so that I can warm them up quickly.

Today I'm going for broccoli cream soup.

What do you need?

About 500 g of soup vegetables (leeks, celery, carrot and onion) coarsely cut.
2 broccoli stumps cut into pieces (also the stem)
3 broth cubes (vegetable broth)
olive oil
Dragon (I love this herb)
Pepper and salt
250 ml of cream (of which 50 ml to be used as a garnish in the soup)


Put the oil in the jar and add all the soup vegetables, broccoli florets and stems, tarragon and stock cubes.
Stew the whole well.
Periodically stirring to avoid burning.

When the vegetables start to soften and their fragrances and flavors begin to be released, add water until the vegetables are just below.

Put a lid on the pan and bring to a boil.
Let the whole boil well for a while.

Remove the pan from the heat and mix the whole with the blender.
Then add the cream (200 ml) to the mixed soup.
Stir, taste and season with salt and pepper.

Serve the soup nice and warm with a dash of cream as a decorative element.

Just feast...

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