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Recipe tip from Mrs. Dot... Cheese omelette...

A nice scrambled egg in your frying pan, whether it's breakfast, lunch or brunch, it's all possible. As a main course, starter or side dish, there are infinite possibilities. With an omelet you can really go in all directions. I'm choosing an omelet with cheese today, just because I feel like it...

What do you need for this?

2 eggs per person
Spices to taste
Grated cheese


Break the eggs in a bowl and mix them well.
Add a couple of spices to taste and stir them well through the mixture.
I myself went for tarragon, pepper and salt.
Melt a lump of butter in the frying pan...
Pour the whacked egg mixture into the pan.

Sprinkle the grated cheese on top and let it solidify slowly over a low heat.

As soon as the bottom is fried and the top is still moist, fold the egg to create a kind of roll.
Turn off the heat and let it cook for a while.
Sprinkle some grated cheese on top of your egg.

The egg should be fried on the outside, but slightly damp on the inside.

Serve fresh bread with it and possibly a nice salad.

On the picture: Cheese omelet with brown bread and a nice fresh coleslaw.

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