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Recipe tip from Mrs. Dot... Egg sandwich...

A nice and original sandwich... for breakfast, brunch or lunch... doesn't matter... the eye wants something too.

What are we going to work with?

One or more round baking rolls
One egg per bun
A little fresh herbs
Mozarella spheres
A slice of fillings of your choice
Pepper and salt

A dressing-ring and a knife to out/cut the round.

With the dresseer-ring, insert a round out of the lid of the bun.
Make sure that the bottom of the bun remains whole.
Cut the lid off from the crumb and put it on the side.

Hollow out the bun so that your egg fits in completely.
Put the egg in the bun to be baked.
Sprinkle a little salt on top and put the bun on a baking sheet.
You also put the lid of the bun to bake.
Put the bun or rolls in a preheated 200°C oven for ten minutes.

If you want a slightly boiled egg, a little less long, you want a hard-boiled egg, it may be in the oven a little longer.

Finish the baked bun with fresh herbs and serve some cheese and a slice of toppings.
Some more pepper on top and the lid on it.
There... ready to be eaten...

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