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Summer photos from Iceland

After the winter, summer also comes in Iceland.

Temperatures above 20 degrees are rare, but it can certainly be pleasant in the summer.

To be sure, a raincoat is wise.

The pictures start at Snaefellsjokull park with fantastic formations and lava remains.

Horses can't be missing on me trips. This time a trip to the beach and with the horses along the geothermal area near Olfus.

The spitting geyser is Stokkur.

the feet in the water at a public outdoor pool in Reijkjavik.

The high mountain is Kirkjufell and has also been in the game of Thrones movie.

Below from Reykjavik by bike with the pontoon to the islet of Videy.

For dwarves there have to shelter with a view of a departing cruise ship.

Own lunch on the go.

In my air b and b house, I found snacks from all over the world.

You share. We pay.