Broccoli salad | Mona

Broccoli salad

Today a broccoli salad of the very last florets of the purple and ordinary broccoli and of the florets of the palm cabbage.Broccoli salad is really a favorite dish here.”

I didn't even get the opportunity to take a picture of the full dish.

 The recipe: 

Blanch the florets (should be small and delicate), let it drip out and spread on a clean kitchen towel to cool and dry up, so that later the dressing can pull well in. 

Put the baked fat in a dish where you will make the dressing.

A couple of sturdy tomatoes, get rid of the seed lists/wet and cut into small cubes. Today I also put some dried tomatoes (from my own garden).

Per person 1 boiled egg.


Per person 1 tablespoon olive oil and half white wine vinegar (e.g. 3 persons = 3 x oil and 1 x vinegar).

½ clove of garlic grated,

a teaspoon of mustard,

black pepper from the mill and a pinch of sea salt.

egg in 4. Today I also put some pine nuts over it.

You share. We pay.