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20+ fast carbohydrate snacks

1 of the most common mistakes made in people who have never had a #koolhydraatarm diet is that it is so laborious and takes so much time. Knowledge is power. And proper preparation is half the battle. Are you going to google on low-carbohydrate #tussendoortjes then you'll find mostly recipes. But there are plenty of snacks that take little time or are even ready. That's how you make it a lot easier for yourself. Below you will find a list of snacks. These are mainly the snacks that I always have in my house. Low-carbohydrate food does not require much time (and money).

1. Cucumber

Cucumber is a delicious refreshing snack for in between. Nice with a homemade dip sauce or some witch cheese.

2. Peanuts

Packed with good fats and easy to carry. A handful of peanuts. But do not overdo it. 1 hand (30grams) is enough. And you prefer to choose the unsalted variant.

3. Greek yogurt

Not only low-carbohydrate, but also full of protein. That creates a feeling of satiety. Usually in buckets of a liter. At jumbo and Lidl you can even buy in the right portion packaging. Even easier. Just check the label. Not every Greek yogurt is low-carbohydrate.

Delicious with a little cinnamon or a dash of sugar-free ranja without carbohydrates.

4. fried chicken breast

In some supermarkets you will find pre-baked chicken fillet strips that you can process in a dish. Of course you can also eat these as a snack. (Check the label!) And if you feel like, you can also season and fry some chicken breasts yourself, cut them into strips or cubes and freeze them into portions.

5. Tomato

A whole tomato, right out of the fist. Just like you would eat an apple, but an apple, of course, is not low-carbohydrate. Of course, you can also choose candy tomatoes

6. Hüttenkase

A delicious source of protein. You can eat this with some pepper and salt or paprika powder, for the savory appetite. Are you more in the mood for sweet? A few drops of sweetener works wonders. By the way, you can also fill a tomato with it.

7. Boiled egg

An egg is part of it. In any case, with a low-carbohydrate lifestyle. A boiled egg with possibly a little mayonnaise is a perfect snack. At the beginning of the week I cook 12 eggs and put them in the fridge. That way, I always have something responsible at my fingertips.

8. Herring

Fresh herring from the fishmonger or a package from the supermarket. Add some onions and you have a delicious low-carbohydrate snack. Herring also contains many good fats.

9. Olives

You have to love it, because the taste is very specific. The good news is that olives hardly contain carbohydrates. Then choose the green variant.

10. Feta

In the supermarket you will find packages with Feta cheese. Often on an oil-based basis with herbs. I often use this in my salads and always keep a little to grab as a snack.

11 Babybell cheeses

You probably know them, the Babybell cheeses. Ideal because you put them in your bag.

12. Celery

Okay, not quite ready, because you might not like gnawing on such a long stalk. Cut into pieces so, but then you have a nice fresh snack.

13. Sweet pepper

You can eat sweet pepper from the fist. Or you cut them into strips. You can make a dip sauce yourself. Personally I find 'loose' paprika delicious and I don't need a sauce.

14. Nibble Bacon

It looks like a bag of chips and also creaks like chips. It's bacon strips that have been dried. 0 grams of carbohydrates. Perfect snack and tasty as well.

15. Hummus

Hummus is a delicious spread of chickpeas. Tasty on a slice of cucumber.

16. Pickles with ham

Pickles from Kesbeke. Rolled in a slice of ham. Pay attention! You best use the pickles of Kesbeke, because there is no sugar added and is therefore low-carbohydrate.

17. Edamame beans

Bonduelle has cans of edamame beans. Low-carbohydrate, tasty and a source of protein.

18. Chocolate

Yes, really! But then 85% dark chocolate. And up to 3 cubes. Nice with the coffee, too.

19. Strawberries

This is one of the types of fruits that you can use during a low-carbohydrate diet. 50 grams is a fine portion.

20. Cubes of cheese Cut some cubes of your favorite cheese. But pay attention; some people stop on cheese, therefore limit the amount of cheese to 50 grams.

Do you have any additions? Please respond under this post so that we can complete the list.

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