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Recipe; Chicken Curry Dish

This chicken curry dish is delicious, low carb and will be on the table in half an hour. The ideal menu for once you don't have that much time. The recipe below is for 2 people.

What do you need?

Half a zucchini
2 chicken breasts
Half a bowl of mushrooms

1 onion
2 tomatoes

2 tablespoons oil
4 teaspoons curry powder

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp paprika

How to make it?

You start by making a marinade of 2 tablespoons of oil with the herbs. Then cut the chicken into cubes and stir it through the marinade. You can then leave it for 10 minutes.In the meantime, cut all the vegetables into pieces. Of course, you can do this as crude as you want. I have a slice of the zucchini with the spirelli made strings, that looks so much fun!

Fry the chicken brown and cooked in a wok. Then add all the vegetables and wok the whole thing for about 10 minutes. Tadaa! A delicious meal, enjoy!

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