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A visit to the Dutch Giethoorn:

Giethoorn is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel, in the Dutch province of Overijssel.

The village is called 'The Venice of Holland'.

Giethoorn was an independent municipality until 1973. Together with Wanneperveen, Blokzijl and Vollenhove, it became part of the municipality of Brederwiede. On 1 January 2001, the municipalities of Brederwiede, Steenwijk and IJsselham merged into the municipality of Steenwijkerland.

Giethoorn is elongated and consists of three neighbourhoods that are always staggered apart. In the north it is the Noordeinde, then the Middenbuurt and finally the Zuideinde. The Dorpsgracht is the central axis of Giethoorn and ends in the south in the Zuideindiger Wijde. The farms and houses are separated by land ditches on which decks are located connecting the house plots. The humpback farm is characteristic of Giethoorn. The farm seems to have a bump because the barn is higher than the house.

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