How do you get FRUIT FLY out of your house?

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Do you suffer from fruit flies in the kitchen during the hot summer months?

Here is a simple and environmentally friendly solution:

Take a glass and put a piece of squeezed orange peel in it.
Cover the glass with a piece of household foil. Tightly strain the mace over the glass edge.
With a sharp pointed knife, pierce some small holes in the foil...

... place the glass on the countertop.

Attracted by the smell of the orange, the flies crawl through the millimetre narrow holes and can't get out.

Pay attention that the holes are not too big, otherwise they can get out sometimes.

Putting the glass in a light place has more effect than in a dark corner.

The peel should be changed after a few days.
Of course, this only makes sense with fly mesh on the windows, otherwise all fruit flies from the neighborhood will be partying along.

As you can see from the accompanying photos, this works very efficiently.
Not even though only occasionally a fly was noticed in the kitchen, seven were caught after a few hours.
Good luck.

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