Santorini Greece | Rudy Siedlecki 🌳

Santorini Greece

After a day's journey from Split, via the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas, we are at dawn in the crater of Santorini.

This island is located in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the archipelago the Cyclades .

Ancient Santorini is built on top of the edge of a volcano. The cruise ships dock in this seafood. By means of small tenders, passengers are brought ashore.

The messengers of this volcano would come up a few inches every year...

From the mooring point, Santorini can only be reached by a cable car, a donkey path on foot or on one of the dozens of donkeys available.

We chose to go up by cable car and down on foot.

After this' symphony 'in white and blue, we leave for a short night stop on nearby Mykonos.
The same night we sail back to Croatian Dubrovnik.

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Split Croatia

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Dubrovnik Croatia

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