Encaustic on Canvas blue

#encaustic #canvas #bijenwas #linnen #schilderij #mandala #zen #zemmoment Recently with myself the challenge of making an encaustic mandala on canvas.
I used to like to make them myself, on paper and coloring, that story didn't go on with all that math and drawing out. You keep seeing that on the canvas, and I didn't want to.
So then but completely out of the loose wrist made the mandala. It is a hefty too. the work is 50 x 50 cm.
My little monk job. In the meantime I have already received two assignments with the own color schemes of course. I will share these here too. Nice thing to do, I really enjoy it. My Zen moment.

So beyond the encaustic paintings, jewelry now includes the mandalas.

What does a mandala or this mandala do to you, and would you like to share it with me?

Thank you for your contribution!