Endless sword outfit

The unimaginably huge auction hall was not the same size as what we saw outside. It turned out that it was the real grandeur inside. There were more than 2,000 ordinary seats, densely packed, but at this time there were only less than one third of the people sitting there. On both sides, there were countless dark pavilions, which should be used by the VIPs. Ye Bai, Ye Ku two people, casually found two empty seats to sit down, this time, the auction has already begun, two people come in, has reached the middle section. The next item to be auctioned is a three-level low-level Xuanbing, Xuehai Youhuang Sword, starting price, three hundred Xuan, each price increase, not less than one hundred Xuan, below, the auction begins! On the auction platform, a white-haired old man flashed a blood-red sword between his fingers, the whole body emitting an endless smell of blood. The Blood Sea Youhuang Sword is a third-rank low-level Xuanbing. The sword is about three inches, three feet and three feet long, and the blade is bright red, as dazzling as a rose. A young girl in blue took a piece of golden iron, but the white-haired old man just waved it casually. With a flash of blood, there was no sound at all. The unusually hard golden iron was broken into two parts. Seeing this scene, the audience was in an uproar,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and many people shouted one after another: "Four hundred Xuan!" "Five hundred Xuan!" "Six hundred and fifty!" "Seven hundred and fifty Xuan!" …… In the end, the third-rank Xuanbing, Xuehai Youhuang Sword, was bought by a young disciple in blue for 750 Xuanbing. Ye Bai and Ye Ku were secretly surprised. This was the first time they had seen an auction transaction with Xuan Jingcheng. According to Min Rouran, an ordinary third-order low-level Xuanbing should be worth about five hundred Xuan. This Xuehai Youhuang Sword could be auctioned to seven hundred and fifty Xuan. The value was already remarkable. It is indeed Zijing Valley, and even a small internal auction house is directly auctioned with third-order low-level Xuanbing. Like the next, Wulong Xuangui Dan, Tiandi Wanfa Dan, alchemy elder'Yan 'recently refined, Wulong Xuangui Dan can increase a person's physique by nearly half,steatite c221, for the practice of some physical metaphysical skills, or some friends who require strong physique, has a great effect, Tiandi Wanfa Dan can instantly restore all the metaphysical Qi, is the only magic weapon in the battle. Think about it, when you are fighting with a well-matched enemy, both sides are exhausted, and you can hold out longer than anyone else, you have this Heaven and Earth Wan Fa Dan, what will happen? I don't need to say any more, do I? At this point, as soon as he raised his hand, a girl in blue came up with a jade box. In the jade box, two elixirs the size of longans were lying side by side. The one on the left was brown, with tortoise-shaped patterns on it and five dragon marks. This was Wulong Xuan Gui Dan, a unique elixir that can enhance people's physique and physical strength. The one on the right was blue, like a star. Looking at the past gives people a strange feeling of spiral, this is the heaven and earth Wanfa Dan, but the instant recovery of a body of Xuanqi, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Band Heater, but can only be used once, is the only medicine to save life! The white-haired auctioneer shouted, "Wulong Xuan Gui Dan and Tiandi Wanfa Dan, both of which are second-order top elixirs, together, the starting price is four hundred Xuan, and each price increase must not be less than one hundred Xuan!" As soon as his voice fell, there was a loud roar under the stage, and the sound of bidding was heard all the time. Four hundred and fifty Xuan! "Five hundred and fifty!" "Seven hundred Xuan!" "Eight hundred and twenty!" …… "Nine hundred and forty!" Just then, a voice came from the dark pavilion upstairs. It was a young man's voice, but it was a little cold. As soon as the voice came out, the voice of the audience suddenly stopped, and everyone stopped bidding. The two second-order top elixirs were bought by the owner of the 7th Dark Pavilion. Ye Bai and Ye Ku looked at each other, not knowing why this had happened. Just then, two low-level disciples of Zijinggu beside them said angrily, "Here we go again. Every time this guy shouts, no one in the audience dares to bid. Relying on the support of one of his inner disciples, hum!" "Shh!"! Keep your voice down and don't let anyone hear you. That guy is very vindictive. This also does not have the means, who calls the situation to be stronger than the human, endures, what a pity these two'inflammation 'master refines the best elixir.
” The Zijinggu disciple, who had spoken earlier, was shocked, as if he had heard something very frightening. He turned around and found that there were few people around him. He breathed a sigh of relief, but he dared not talk about who was sitting on the seventh dark pavilion any more. Only then did Ye and Bai realize that in the Dark Pavilion No.7, there was a person who had a lot of background in the outer clan. Even in the inner clan, there was backing. No wonder no one dared to compete with him. However, the price of two second-order top elixirs was not low at 940 yuan. Two people do not have the habit of probing other people, moreover, with the two people now frightened bird's appearance, at this time in the past to ask, will only make them more frightened, or forget it. Looked at each other, shook his head, two people continue to look up, this is only the middle, there is a third order low-level Xuanbing, as well as the second order elixir, the auction of Zijing Valley, the power is not small, ah, much worse than they imagined. I'm afraid that even the auctions in many big cities outside do not have such scale and financial resources. Psychic Seven Heart Pei! Second-order and low-level Lingpei. This thing only sells contribution points, peace of mind, to the demons, to prevent the devil, improve the efficiency of practice is of great help, the starting price, 300 contribution points, each price increase, not less than 100 contribution points! Just then, the white-haired old man took out something again. It was a blue jade pendant, blue and full, with a white tiger carved on it. There were seven small dots on it, like the Big Dipper. As soon as it appeared, it had a faint blue light, which made people look quiet. If you wear a jade pendant like this when you practice Xuanqi, the demons in your heart will be reduced. The probability of being possessed by the devil will also be greatly reduced. At the same time, in this case, the quality of Xuanqi will be higher and the speed will be faster. Sure enough,7g Ozone Generator, it was a good thing. Both Ye Bai and Ye Ku had hot eyes, but they could only sigh sadly. They had just entered Zijing Valley, and there was no spar on their bodies. Where could they afford it? They could only watch. global-ceramics.com