Energy Saving - Warm Sweaters Craft Tips

Heat each other, not the world!

We all know that it is necessary to save energy, to prevent global warming. There are many ways to think of. One way to deal with waste of energy is to lower the heater and put on a sweater if you're cold. A Greenchoice Warmetruiendag has been created to pay attention to all kinds of energy savings, we must all do it together.

On Friday 5 February 2021 there will be another special Warmetruiendag. That will be the 15th anniversary of Warmetruiendag! Are you in, too?

What can we do?


So turn that heater down, put on a warm sweater and save energy! Share your successes on the map, put your action or favorite warm sweaters story on social media, and join in!

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For the National Warmetruiendag we are going to create warm sweaters, so that we pay attention to them in our way. No warm sweaters to really put on, but as decoration and decorations. Crafts made of paper, paint or, for example, wasco. Sweaters pasted with wool threads, sequins or sparkles. Cute key chains of mini sweater making with ironing beads. Art with aluminum foil, drawing calligrams or making Doodle Art. The warm sweater is central in this article!

Click below for the warm sweaters basic coloring pages!

Coloring Warm Sweaters

The Craft Teacher Ede

Now, of course, it is true that maybe that daynot really cold is outside. To put on a warm sweater may even be too hot! But don't worry, we can just gocrafting instead of really putting on. Isn't that hot, is it?

So today also draw a drawing, a calligram or a 3D drawing ! Or tinker cozy a sweater or other warm clothes from paper, cardboard, rubber foam, felt, fabric, etc. With paste, scissors and some markers or pencils you can get a long way. Take a look at the nice examples below, you'll get inspiration from this!


Be the first to send a nice entry from LearnCraftGrow. She cut cardboard sweaters in front and prepared this inviting craft box for her children.


With wax chalk, the children first colored the cardboard sweaters, then they could decorate the sweaters wonderfully.


With buttons, threads, pompoms, glitter paint and some embellishments, you make the most amazing decorations.


These four sweaters are in the autumn atmosphere, but all kinds of themes are possible, e.g. unicorns, pirates, dinosaurs, just what you have on ornaments.


You can see, these are creepy jerseys. For the lover of scary winter sweaters:)

Source: Miss Lisette

After gluing, sprinkle sequins, glitter and beads over your sweater. Source: esther1951

With wool and cotton wool. Source: The Pinterested Parent

Cut out of last year's Christmas cards! Super idea, right?

Source: Katelyn Fagan

Download the template here:
Easy peasy and fun


Goat with sweater image of Clker-Free-Vector Images

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