Plant een boom via je dagelijkse zoekopdrachten op internet !

Je wilt de wereld redden ? Ontbossing tegengaan ? 
Maar het ontbreekt je aan geld en ondernemingskracht ?
Toch kan je helpen... Het is heel erg simpel en helemaal gratis.

Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is 'Ecosia' instellen als zoekmachine op je computer.

Neem eens een kijkje via deze link

Het gaat om een doodgewone zoekmachine, zoals Chrome of Internet Explorer.
Het enige verschil is dat je het milieu kan helpen, de ontbossing kunt tegengaan. 

Hoe het werkt ? Via dit filmpje leggen ze uit hoe jij hen helpt, door je gewone dagelijkse bezigheden.

80% van hun opbrengsten gaat naar projecten die bomen planten. Die opbrengsten halen ze uit hun advertenties, net als andere zoekmachines.

Ook jij kunt de wereld een handje helpen... vanuit je luie zetel !

Ook zin in bloggen ? Wil je reageren ?

Word gratis lid.
DIY Cuddly bird of felt patches - Picture book Coco can do it! (Loes Riphagen/Gottmer publishing house)
Sew your own cuddly toy from Coco the bird! Coco is the protagonist in the picture book Coco can do it! of Loes Riphagen ( Gottmer publishing ).The cute bird does not dare to fly out of the nest.It looks down's high! She presses her wings flat on her back and quickly tripples back to the nest. A super fun, educational and beautifully designed viewing and reading book.Chosen Picture book of the year 2021! Are you curious? Then read the book or see HERE the view copy.Do you want to sew Coco from felt patches yourself? You can find the template and the method below.Super fun to use when reading, that makes the story even more special! more info picture book Coco can do it! On Instagram there isevery year in Julya grandSew-a-softie action.(translated: Sew a Cuddle).Around the world, 50 bloggers join in, and then sew a small and simple hug.They post their photo/method/pattern of the cuddly toy under the hashtag sewasoftie.In this way, there is a nice Softie to admire all month, every day, and to imitate it for everyone at home! The bloggers also share theirfree pattern, so that anyone who wants to make the same Softie.It stimulates creativity and sewing for beginners and especially children! Sew a Softie shows that you can make very nice things yourself and that it is absolutely not that difficult! And also of course, that it really doesn't have to be perfect, and that it's so fun to do! See all 50 hugs? That can be HERE on Instagram and else HERE on Facebook. Crea with Kids and De Knutseljuf Ede are one of those 50 bloggers! We post our cuddly toy on July 14th (Crea with Kids) and on July 15th 2020.(Purple/blue fantasy animal cuddle) And here you see the entry of De Knutseljuf Ede for Sew-a-softie: the bird Coco, sewn with felt patches! Printing out the template:Save the image of the pattern first, on your computer or smartphone.Then go to the saved folder (usually the download folder) and from there you can print out the image as usual. Supplies: Felted patches ( Meaningful Crafts ) in black, gray, and a small piece of white and yellow. Scissors/needle/ 6 headpins/2 sets of Velcro circles and yarn in black, grey, yellow and white. Cut out the parts and pin them on a piece of double-beaten felt, except for the eyes, the eyelets go on 1 sheet of felt. Cut the parts with sharp scissors from the felt. Stick the self-adhesive Velcro laps on the bodice and the opposite circles (which stick to it) on the wings, like example photo.Sew the circles with a few stitches, so that it stays firmly in place with frequent use.Tip: The needle will become sticky and stiff by the glue of the Velcro, you can clean the needle with gasoline, then it glides perfectly through the felt again. Sew the loose legs to the bodice with a few stitches Sew the black pupils on the white eyelets with black thread Tip: Stick or place the beak (with some textile glue) already in place, so you can see where the eyelets should be. Then sew the eyelets with white yarn on the (single) felt bodice. Sew the wings close, start at the top so that you will see the end button the least.Do not sew it completely close, but keep approx.3cm left to fill the wings! Fill the wings with filling, e.g.filling wool, cushion filling, snow blanket or zigzag cotton wool.With your fingers or with a crochet hook you can push and distribute the filling a little. Then sew the last 3 cm close.Your wings are already ready! Place the 2 bodives fitted to each other.Sew the beak on both sides of the bodice with yellow thread. Sew the bodice around, but not quite! Leave a gap of 3cm. Fill the bodice with stuffing Sew the bodice completely closed. Coco is now ready to fly! If she at least dares...will you give her a hand? All the little birds are going to fly for the first time. You go too, Coco, you can do it! What is it high! There she goes! Tip: Prick Coco on a long satay stick to play with it more fun and fly! More Coco craft tips: 3 Very nice Coco craft tips have been submitted by Juf Esther of Miss ! A felt rectangular Coco, nice and easy yet super fun! And from wooden pionnets (white gnome pawns) you can also make cute Coco bird dolls! Crafttip picture book Coco can do it! (Loes Riphagen/Gottmer publishing house) - Read more Coco making cardboard: picture book of the year - Loes Riphagen/ Gottmer publishing house - Read more Shrink Shrink Magic Plastic - Coco - Read more A hug needlework - Sew a Softie - Read more Sturdy felt patches (100% virgin wool) by TrueFelt are in all kinds of colors (more than 80 colors!) for sale in the online shop ofMeaningfulcrafts. View here the assortment 20x30cm felt patches ! TIP: Do you want a 20% discount on TrueFelt patches? Please enter the voucher code with your order: SEW-A-SOFTY (valid until 01/08/2020) Book Cheerful cuddly monsters to make yourself (Deltas) Book Cute felt figurines to make yourself (Deltas) Yoors is a platform for everyone! From now on, watch Yoors here too? Please sign up first with your email address.That is free, without obligation and without obligations! Click on login below and enter your email address.That's all!After that, you can log out again? 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