Equinox E Membership Cost

Equinox E Membership Cost


Check out this article which includes full details of Equinox pricing and Equinox subscription fees with different Equinox services. Prices at Equinox are truly reasonable given the state of the art fitness equipment, world class personal trainer services and luxurious amenities that come with your Equinox membership. While Equinox is already expensive, there are additional costs for some services such as personal training and coaching. If you are committed to your fitness goals and plan to go to the gym five times a week or more, you should purchase an Equinox membership, otherwise a mid-range gym is better.

Membership fees

Check out the mentions table below which includes Equinox membership fees. Equinox Gym membership fees vary and depend on several factors including your location, membership type, and availability of special offers at the time of application. No matter which plan you choose, you will have access to all the services that Equinox has to offer. With this membership, you will have exclusive access to all Equinox Fitness, Destination and Sports Clubs worldwide.

All clubs

One club will give you access to all Equinox clubs in a state (such as Florida), including all classes and services. This membership will give you access to your local Equinox club as well as 81 clubs in the United States, including all classes and services. Club E membership gives you access to all Equinox premium clubs, classes and services. If your Equinox Club is in a small suburb and doesn't have many amenities, membership isn't worth it.

Renting Apartment

Yes, an Equinox subscription with all the premium features costs almost as much as renting an inexpensive apartment for a month. The Equinox price depends on the location and access to one or more clubs. Equinox Monthly Membership The price is $168.00 for a single club access, which means if you train at Equinox 5 days a week, you will only be spending $8.4 per day. The cost of a subscription to access the Equinox Luxury Fitness Club ranges from $195 to $250 per month for one location.

Per month

Whereas to access all clubs you have to pay $230 per month during which you can train at any Equinox club in the country while traveling. On average, monthly subscriptions range from $160 to $230, and subscription fees can range from $0 if there is a promotion, or up to $100. Since the price is fixed per month, it would be a good idea to try it to see if you can get the starting tax credits. Many people also ask for a $100 registration fee before joining Equinox.

Entry fees

Equinox entry fees start at $100, but Equinox often runs promotions throughout the year where you don't have to pay an entry fee. From time to time they offer a special $0 entry fee which is a great deal. Equinox offers a day pass that you can get online for your chosen location. With 36 unique locations across the country, there's always one close by, wherever you live or work, plus Equinox Gyms offer a wide variety of exercise options perfect for those who want to be active.


You can find the Equinox Gym almost anywhere in the US and even in Vancouver, London or Toronto. E by Equinox is an exclusive gym located in multiple locations including Madison Avenue, New York, NY. At E by Equinox, Equinox is a chain of high-end gyms with over 20 locations in Brooklyn and New York available to members at a lower cost. Equinox Gyms are primarily focused on offering their members a top-notch experience, similarly coupled with a premium price.

Planet Fitness

Monthly gym memberships range from a simple Planet Fitness that costs $10 to $20 a month to a regular E by Equinoxs club that costs about $250. a gym membership is the best money can buy. Between a monthly membership of $500 and $150 per hour of training (the average Equinox club member trains four times a week), you will lose about $30,000 per year. Those looking to sign up for a full year with an E membership at any of Equinox's gyms should be prepared to get over $26,000 out of pocket.


You will be billed for at least 12 months even if you cancel your Equinox membership within one year. As mentioned above, Equinox is one of the toughest gyms out there and hard to unfollow. Equinox's pricing is the most reasonable in the industry when it comes to membership costs. Equinox, like all popular gyms, has a down payment; It doesn't take a hole in your pocket to do this in light of the fact that Equinox's initial fees are very affordable, which is $100.00. Another way to get discounted Equinox is to pay for your membership through American Express.

Equinox +

Equinox+ is likely the type of membership that many Platinum cardholders will try to look out for as many people don't have an Equinox gym nearby. E by Equinox members also have access to an exclusive practice space located at the Equinoxs Columbus Circle headquarters, accessed through a retina-protected door off the main lobby. Privacy is the main attraction for those who have the funds to purchase an exclusive Rolando Garcia.

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