Evening Reverie

In the silence of the evening

Rustle the leaves

From the book,

Tapping my fingers

On screen

Patient and restless

The drink sparkles

And shines in my glass

The voices of the television

Have been silently extinguished

And my mind revolving around and around

Who I am,

I want to know

I wonder

I choose the names I am

Or sometimes want to be

From head to toe

Inside out and vice versa

Toe-curling and relaxing

Versatile flattened

Exuberantly quiet

Colored in black and white

I am an empty barrel,

Maybe not much business,

Filled with contradictions

I would like to know

Who I was

Who I am

Who I will be

Where I come from

Where I'm on my way

Or maybe know and am

i everything already

But do I need it

Just still

learn to remember

(c) 2022 Hans van Gemert

A reverie in #140w , #businessnames

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