Every day a little better

Every day a little better

The days go slowly,
so past us.
You say you are not blamed,
Your face makes me happy.

Must miss that for a long time,
I never knew this.
What could I have mistaken,
You're here now and enjoy every moment.

Tell me you're not leaving any mor,
You looked at me. You couldn't say anything.
Silence at all, nothing changes your face,
Look at your eyes, you want to explain something.

But you remain silent in silence,
Not a glimmer of hope either.
No heat just kilte,
The doubt is what snuck me.

The phone rings at you,
about what will go the conversation.
And you leave me in the cold again,
You hung up and stood in front of me.

You looked at me tight.
But that didn't take too long with you.
Couple of eyes that shine I won't let you go any more.
You pulled me in your arms and said I love you.