Evil Emperor's Favor: Imperial Concubine, don't Run Away

"Of course it's white.." In the middle of the conversation, Szeto Zi suddenly realized that his brother had learned it when people couldn't see him! No wonder, every time someone came to the house, he was dead. Every time someone came, he saw him playing the piano. No one had ever seen him do anything else. This must be the reason why he spread such rumors. Brother Huang, you are really scheming. Nope Have a vision. Lu Peihuan chuckled, "Your Majesty, you have a lot to learn. At present, you can only read the memorial. You will not be relaxed in the next time." Szeto Zi can't laugh anymore. Where can he be the one who can learn things quietly? But at the thought of the night's suffering, he gritted his teeth and made an important decision. Fifth brother, if you don't understand something, discuss it with General Lu. Don't insist on having your own way, and don't have a direct conflict with the minister. Do you understand? Dugu could not help but remind her that it was impossible for Szeto Jue, as a big man, to say these things. Also, Lele is now the queen, you have to supervise her to learn etiquette, but not too tired. “...... Imperial sister-in-law Since you're so worried, why don't you go with your brother? Dugu Shallow: ".." Szeto Jue: ".." Lu Pei Huanmo. When I didn't say, brother, if you have anything else to tell me, let's say it together. With his brother's character, I'm afraid he's looking for him tonight, and he'll set out early tomorrow morning. He'll have to take the time to find out. ......” That night, on the top of the moon, several figures stood at the gate of the palace. Brother, why do I feel that it will be a long time before you come back? Szeto Jue: ".." Dugu chuckled. "Who said that?"? Maybe he'll be back in two months. "Good." Seeing that Szeto Zi still wanted to talk with Dugu Shallow, Szeto Jue, regardless of the others, stepped forward and picked up Dugu Shallow and jumped into the carriage,mineral flotation, without giving Szeto Zi a chance to speak. The carriage quickly left, leaving Szeto Zi and Lu Peihuan. Szeto Zi stared at the carriage walking farther and farther and asked Lu Peihuan, "Did my brother just dislike me?" Lu Peihuan was speechless, but he did not deny the fact that King Mo really disliked the emperor. Two people stand in place, relatively silent, the deeper the night, Szeto Zi suddenly opened his mouth, "go back." With that, he turned and walked into the palace. Lu Pei Huan turned his head and saw Szeto Zi walking alone, and his footsteps were beside him. Suddenly, Lu Peihuan felt that Szeto Zi's back was somewhat desolate. It was time, he thought, for the emperor to grow up. In the carriage, Szeto Jue hugged Dugu Shallow as usual and kept silent. Dugu Shallow did not like this quiet very much, so he had a little idea to tease him and pinched him at the waist. Who knows, gold CIP machine ,Portable gold trommel, Szeto Jue did not react at all. Seeing this, her courage was even fatter, and her little hands were restlessly around his waist. She did not believe that he would remain indifferent if she moved so much. Sure enough, the next moment, a big hand grabbed her moving hand. Seeing the success of the trick, Dugu smiled like a little fox. Looking up, she saw a pair of dark and deep eyes, which seemed to have some kind of gravity to suck her in, and she was shocked all over. Still not moving? "Don't move." Are you kidding? Can you keep moving like this? Szeto Jue did not speak, but took her into her arms and took a deep breath. Who knows how much strength he just spent to suppress the dryness and heat. Will it be three months soon? "Huh?" Solitary shallow puzzled, mindless words let her feel confused, "what three months?" Who knows, this time Szeto Jue was very "kind" to explain to her, he looked at her with a half-smile, "the baby is three months old." Solitary shallow doubt, but soon, her face is full of clear color, then, face slightly red, Jiao Chen to: "You this color, wolf." It's so bullying. She's pregnant, and he's still thinking about it. However, after careful calculation, two people have not been intimate for two months, but also really difficult for him.
She got up from his arms and said to him seriously, "Wang Ye, why not.." She wanted to let him set up a side concubine, but when she thought she was going to share a man with other women, she felt crazy. So she said, "Why don't we stop giving birth after this?" Dugu's shallow train of thought suddenly changed too quickly. It took Szeto Jue a long time to react. She immediately laughed and said, "One is too few." Dugu Shallow: ".." Is Chapter 145 a step forward? She's not a sow. One is enough, or two. There's no more. Two, no discussion. 'Good. Twice If Szeto Jue tries harder to give birth twice, maybe he will have two children at one time or four at two times. If Dugu knew that Szeto Jue had made this idea, he would probably beat his chest and stamp his feet. - Szeto Zi guessed wrong. Szeto Jue did not leave the next morning. They returned from the palace to Prince Mo's Mansion, packed up their luggage and set off. Knowing that he had taken him to the Tianshan Mountains, Dugu shallowly settled down to sleep in the carriage. Szeto Jue moved her to a place and was about to take a nap when the voice of Gu Yue came from outside the carriage. Elder Martial Brother, why don't you take me with you when you go back to Tianshan Mountain? At least I'm your junior fellow apprentice. If you don't want to take me with you when you go by the way, Shifu will be angry. When he finished, he saw Gu Yue's enlarged face appear in the carriage. Suddenly, Szeto Jue kicked him out of the carriage without mercy. Oh, why is it too urgent to kill each other in the same door? Szeto Jue lifted the curtain with a calm face. "Shut up if you want to go!"! East Wind, give him a horse. "Yes, master." Overjoyed, Gu Yue got up from the ground and jumped directly onto the horse's back. With a fierce clap, he shouted to Szeto Jue, "Elder Martial Brother, I'm going to clear the way for you." Szeto Jue: ".." "Are you going with Gu Yue?" Szeto Jue lowered the curtain and came in, seeing that Dugu had already sat up,portable gold wash plant, looking tired. He asked her to lie back in her original position and said slowly, "I was afraid you were uncomfortable on the way, so I was going to take him with me." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com