Exercise for A Flat Tummy

Having a flat stomach is a sign of strength and beauty. There are many exercises you can do to achieve a flat tummy and rebuild your abs muscles. During the first days of these exercises, you feel pain in the muscles and it is great to do the exercises daily for muscle recovery. I will take you through some top exercises for a flat tummy.

Bicycle Crunches
•    Flatten your heels on the floor while lying on the back with your knees bent.
•    Put your fingers at the back of your head and join them.
•    Raise your knees and upper part of the body from the floor and they are above the hips.
•    Raise your left elbow and the right knee to come into contact with each other.
•    Keep your left leg straightened on the floor.
•    Stay in that position for some moment and then do the same to the opposite sides.
•    After you are done repeat the procedure again.

Side Planks
•    Put the right forearm below your shoulder while lying on the right side.
•    Raise your left foot on top of the right one.
•    Raise the left arm straight as you also lift your hips to form a straight line with your body.
•    Bring the left arm under your body rotating your upper body towards the floor.
•    Rotate again your upper body.
•    Repeat to about 8-12 times.

Toe Reaches
•    Lie on your back and raise your feet with your legs at a 90-degree angle.
•    Lift the upper body off the floor while you also engage your lower abdominal
•    Stretch your hands towards your toes and pause for 2-3 seconds.
•    Lower back your upper body to the floor and repeat the procedure about 12-18 times.

Boat Pose
•    Sit on the floor and lie back.
•    Raise your upper body off the floor and also raise your lower limbs into the air to form a V shape.
•    Make your arms to be parallel to the floor by stretching them in front.
•    Stay in that position for about one minute and repeat the procedure  2-4 times.

•    Stand while your feels are apart.
•    Place your hands ahead of you on the floor while squatting down.
•    Lie in a pushup position by putting your legs back.
•    Participate in doing one pushup and then regain back to the starting position raising your hands overhead.
•    To go back to that position you have to do again the squatting position.
•    Redo about 6-10 sets of 12-25 repetitions.

Decline Oblique Crunches
•    You can still Participate on a flat surface if you can’t access a decline bench.
•    Sleep on a slanting bench.
•    Put your left hand behind the head and your right hand to come into contact with your left thigh as you start raising your upper body.
•    Turn your body on the left and the left elbow to the left knee while still lifting your upper body.
•    Pause for about 1-2 seconds and lie down to the starting position.
•    Do the same to the opposite side and 2-3sets for about 10-18 repetitions.

Maintaining a flat tummy is easy if you follow the above exercises. These are simple exercises you can do at home and you don’t require to buy equipment.

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