Exhibition 2020 - Art by M.E.

A busy bee, I dare to give myself this title. A full-time job in salaried employment, also 20 hours working as a self-employed person, plus mama, a German Shepherd dog puppy mama and then also an artist! Sometimes I wonder where I get all the time. Often creeps me the feeling of not having enough time therefore. Too few hours in a day, too few days in a week, too few weeks in a month and too few months in a year.

There is always a choice and of course it remains my own choice to worry myself so much. Somewhere I'm going very nice and I can't sit still. When I sit still for a moment in front of the television, I feel restless.

This year again the gas went full and that also means time for an exhibition. My paintings have been hanging in the nursing home De Hoge Weide in Lochem for two weeks now. My paintings can still be admired until January 2021. This year there are fewer paintings as usual, but I am still very proud of this project.

Here's a little impression of my exhibition. If you want to see more of my paintings please feel free to take a look at my website and/or facebook page:

website: www.artby-me.nl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/schilderwerkopmaat

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