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A few years ago, Liu Yu celebrated the end of the Battle of Xiaocang River. One night, he was taken into the palace by the Black Flag Army and beaten. From then on, Liu Yu was frightened into a neuropathy, which was said to be true and was said to be a laughing stock by many forces, but it also carried out the rumor that the black flag had infiltrated spies into various forces in the Central Plains. At the moment when the relationship between Jin and Wu was tense, the Black Flag Army suddenly came out to give Jin such a blow, which was a good thing for the court of Wu Dynasty. Everyone was more or less relieved. On the morning of the second day, at about the same hour, they were still discussing the impact of the puppet Qi rebellion, and the good news came. …… Liu Yu of the puppet Qi declared to the world with a letter in blood. At the beginning, the golden dog was so powerful that the Liu clan was forced to do nothing. In order to protect the inheritance of the Wu Dynasty, they had to commit themselves to the snake and the gold, trembling with fear. In the end, the overall situation of Wu Dynasty was not lost, and the Central Plains was still in the hands of the Han people. Now the time is ripe, then together with all the righteous men, rise up anyway, return to my Dawu.. The Central Plains, anyway, is overjoyed, Your Majesty. In the summer, the sun shone brightly outside the hall. After the eunuch had finished speaking about it, Zhou Yong on the Dragon Chair was still a little confused. Ah Anyway. "" In a twinkling of an eye, the Central Plains anyway. Wu Chao came back without losing an inch of land? Above the court, the faces of Lu Yihao,outdoor endless pool, Qin Hui, and others had turned pale, and the sound of breathing throughout the court had begun to become difficult. The sunlight outside suddenly seemed to have lost its color. Hundreds of swords, like mountains and seas, poured in from outside the hall, as if stabbing everyone in front of them. Black flag. This is a deadly trick to kill my Wu Dynasty. …… In the princess mansion, Zhou Pei, who heard the news, broke the cup in her hand. Her hands trembled and lost their color. Since the regicide,endless swimming pool, ten years later, the Black Flag Army has maintained a restrained attitude towards the Wu Dynasty. Although the battle on the battlefield is often merciless, self-protection does not shy away from ruthless hands, but in addition to this, most of the strategies of the Black Flag Army did not show much malice to Wu Chao. As if to apologize for the evil deeds of regicide, the strategy of the black flag, which can avoid the military Dynasty, often avoids, even if it can not avoid, more or less, also has a tendency of verbal goodwill. This time, at such a critical point in time, the Black Flag slapped the Jurchens in the face. What no one expected was that he finally inserted the sword into Wu Chao's heart with his backhand. This is a sharp sword, but also full of life-and-death ruthlessness and ferocity. On the stage of the world, there has never been room for emotional survival, nor for the weak to breathe. Soon after, the news spread all over the world. The gears of war are slowly buckled. Under this wave of water, the battle is unfolding fiercely. Chapter 821 my heart is separated by mountains and seas (I). Jinwu resistance, whirlpool hot tub spa ,whirlpool hot tub, from the north to the south of the Yangtze River, the world has several points. As nominally a foot of the world, the news of Liu Yu anyway, to the surface of a slightly calm situation in the world, brought a huge impact that can be imagined. In the overall situation of the whole world game, it is difficult to say who is good and who is bad, but the sudden tightening of the strings has been clearly placed in front of everyone. Almost similar to the reaction of the long princess in the south when she heard the news, in Weisheng City, north of the Yellow River, after finding out the changes of Liu Yu's robbery in a few days, Lou Shuwan's face was also pale in the first period of time-of course, because of her long-term hard work, her face was already pale-but this time, in her eyes. Or make it clear enough for people to see. Less than a year has passed since the usurpation of the throne to kill the Tiger King, and the new grain has not yet been planted in the harvest season at all. The future, which may be grain-less, is approaching. Summon the bodyguards and ask Master Zhan to come over. After a little arrangement, Lou Shuwan ordered his men to go down and ask the representative of the Chinese Army to enter the mansion. "If he doesn't come.." Ling was late for him. Since the overthrow of the Tian Hu regime, the new Tian Shi regime has launched a series of cooperation with the Chinese army, strong crossbows, iron cannons, gunpowder, swords and guns and even book knowledge, as long as they can be obtained, Lou Shuwan has launched trade with the southwest.
In the course of this trade, Lou Shuwan is also actively collecting craftsmen to prepare for the imitation of many Chinese military equipment-if the situation is calm, this will be on the right track from the second half of the year. The scale of these transactions under the table is not small, and the head of the Huaxia Army in Tianhu's territory, Zhan Wu, has become the coordinator of both sides in the dark. The middle-aged man, who was originally a partner with Fang Chengye, looked honest and honest. Perhaps he had already known the whole situation, and after being summoned by Lou Shuwan, he followed him honestly. Lou Shuwan sat in the reception room, thin but terrible, looking straight at the people who came in, as if to kill each other with her eyes first-over the years, her hands were not without blood, lost her father and brother, almost can be said to have lost everything in a high position of women, compared to the original famous Hangzhou building near, is more terrible. However, Zhan Wu just saluted respectfully, looked at each other, and did not speak. So silent for a long time, realizing that the man in front of him would not waver, Lou Shuwan stood up: "In spring, I planted a depression in the yard outside.". Everything is planted in a mess. I have been spoiled since childhood, and later suffered a lot, but I have never developed the habit of farming, and it is estimated that in autumn, I will not be able to harvest anything. But now it seems that there is no chance of autumn. The words in her mouth were simple and indifferent, and she looked at Zhan Wu again: "I just killed Tian Hu last year. Those people outside planted a lot of things, but they didn't harvest them once. Because of the actions of your Black Flag Army, they didn't harvest them.". Master Zhan, you've also planted land. What do you think? Zhan Wu was silent for a moment: "No one wants such a situation.". But I think Miss Lou misunderstood. "Oh?"? Is that what Ning Liheng taught you to save your life? "It's my own idea. Even if Mr. Ning has no plan, he won't spend his mind on these things." The exhibition five hands,best whirlpool tub, sincerely smiled, "the floor girl buckles this matter completely on my Chinese army's head, is really some unfair." 。 monalisa.com