What Day is it Today?

It all began in China. A mysterious virus took over the media and the eyes of the people. Suddenly, the Kardashians were out of the picture. Suddenly, the Renegade dance lost its trend. Instantly, the world has come to a screeching halt. For three months, it expeditiously spread throughout the whole of China even after the government was compelled to lock down the Hubei province. As people diverted their attention towards news and updates, with watchful eyes they saw the horror arise. Then fifties to hundreds even thousands were infected with the virus, people began to panic because humanity is grappling with an invisible, deadly enemy.
Preposterous decisions were made including the disallowance of all sorts of transportations to contain the virus but some had already crossed the border bringing with them the enemy of many, the enemy which excludes no one. Before we even knew it, every single nation and every city had one-two-ten -even hundreds of cases.
In the blink of an eye, all nations and cities closed its doors. In such a quick moment, the Earth is closed. No trace of cars, planes, or trains can be found. No human interaction, not a single gathering. It was almost like Mother Nature has punished us and sent us straight to our cells and outside is a ghost town of boundless fear. The occupied streets and clamorous markets are all so eerily peaceful and quiet and it felt like we live on the same day every day and time is the only thing that’s moving. Unconsciously we ask, "What day is it today?"