Life - Death part 1( searching the death )

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Ch- 1 Introduction
Hi , I am Tia , a girl of 16 years .
I was also very fascinated with this term 'magic ' but until I came to know that there is such world .
and knowing it changed my life forever .

I live in Bengdubi ,a beautiful place where nature sings with you , laughs with you and a place really diffrent from the busy world .
I was sitting in front of my study table reading a story again of magic and adventure , which I long desired to have in my life .
My father Mr. Naveen Roy was a school teacher and my mother Mrs. Sima Roy was a house maker .
As I said before that night I was sitting infront of my study table reading book , suddenly my phone vibrated . It was a message from someone named Mr. Raindrop Albert Cannons .
And the message read as follows :
Dear Miss Tia Roy ,
     We would love to have you as a student of our school ( Safinous School ) .
We will be coming to your house within 15 minutes after you have read this message .