Facts and fables about the Autumn Fashion Design Competition

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Number of participants: 12

Number of drafts submitted: 31

Number of bacon and bean designs; 2

Number of votes received:

• 63 for the most beautiful, fun, funniest, most creative etc. design

• 63 for which design you would like to hear a song

Distributed boosters and yorigin gifts: I lost count, but I updated the distribution of points and boosters as fairly as possible. How much have I enjoyed it, your enthusiasm has helped me through a difficult period over the past few days.

Now the intermediate, and I will mention only the highest ended:

Three top models stood out with head and shoulders above the rest: @Going loco down in Acapulco (9 votes she got from you), @Mirelle -Creametkids with her Fairy Autumn Leaf Dress and the Autumn Tulle Dress @Bij Ann (both received 7 votes from you)

Tomorrow I'm going to give my vision about it, at least I expected the super-tight glue dress from @Naturefreak more would drag in and I also allow the last arrived models more. I'll come back to that later, maybe with one last chance of voting or I'll cut that knot myself.

Then, of course, there are the songs. There were also real favorites for you: @Dewaputra 's Tree Dress (12), @Naturefreak with his Fly-high-into the sky dress (10) and the blow-metallury-wind-along dress from @Hans from Gemert (7). To be honest, I don't really like that Treejurk myself to write and sing a song, but maybe that's why it's nice to add an extra touch to it for me. We're gonna see it and hear it, I suppose.

One more big round of applause for all participants, @Bij Ann , @Going loco down in Acapulco , @Dewaputra , @Hans from Gemert , @Naturefreak , Tess ( @ellesvandenbroek ), @Mirelle -Creametkids , @Kimberly , @Madeleine , @Encaustichris , @De Craft Teacher Ede and @peerke70

And then the fables: All models are fabulously beautiful, thank you all.

Most beautiful according to voters


@Going loco down in Acapulco

Elegant Autumn Tulle Dress


@Bij Ann

Appropriate Autumn Tulle Dress


@Mirelle -Creametkids

fairytale autumn leaves dress

Songs Gallery



Fly-high-into-the-sky dress


@Hans from Gemert

Blowing Metallwindsalong Dress