Fairytale Castle Scratch

I've said it before, making scratching drawings out of wasco and black paint is too nice to leave it alone. This is my fourth scratch drawing already and sorry, there will probably be a fifth! It's just so easypeasy and relaxing to do!

And because, like every year, on Whit's Day of Het Kasteel again, I suddenly felt like scratching a castle. Thanks to the wax chalk colors that come through, the simple drawing still gets a sparkling and enchanting effect!

Always fun to make such a thing with the kids as the theme is Fairytales, Castles or Knights! Grab your own coloring sheet drawing, cut out the line (shape) so you can trace it on your black surface. Cut into the inner lines as a help, so that you can easily pop it up and indicate the guides on the drawing. Of course you can draw out of hand and is very handsome if you can, but note: once scratched, stays scratched!


  • Color a canvas board with different colors wax crayons in. These may be spots, stripes or something else (as above). It does not matter how you fill out the canvas board with color.

  • Then paint the board with black paint, e.g. Creall Opaque Black , which covers nicely and is without difficulty scratching away
  • Allow it to dry, possibly dry blow-dry with a hair dryer.
  • Print out a coloring sheet or use your own drawing. Cut out the contours so that you can trace the shapes a little
  • Scratching is best with a wooden stick. Not with a satellite picker, which breaks and is too spit. The sticks I use are ideal for scratching drawings and are for sale at Action

Do not wait any longer and make your own scratch drawing now! Don't forget to take a picture of it and send it to De Knutseljuf.. then your artwork can also be shown here! You can make your work impact-resistant by applying a layer clear lacquer to do about it. Hang your workpiece on the wall, in your bedroom and dream away from the magical colors. Which prince or princess goes injyour castle live?

Below you can see what materials you need and where you could order it online.

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