Fakenieuws, are we still wise?

Who and what can we trust? I used to trust the radio. “Radio news service provided by the ANP”. That's how the broadcasts started and that meant ultimate reliability for me. Newspapers and broadcasters were left, or right. They colored the news, but you knew that. The VARA was red and left and therefore came with different news than the EO, which was right and very Christian. They sometimes tapping each other's fingers when they crossed a line. There was mutual control.

That whole channel diversity is as good as gone. When I turn on the radio or TV, in most cases I no longer recognize the broadcaster behind it. Frankly, the VPRO is the most. I think the broadcasts of ARGOS radio are of high quality. But if I compare the news on radio and TV and in the newspapers with what I see on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Parler, Instagram) I find myself in a different world.

A world of conspiracies, videos and manipulations. Also a world in which I can read with my own eyes or even observe on images that the news on the NIS is incorrect or at least incomplete. The yellow vests in France have caused chaos for a year, but the NOS has not paid much attention to it. White farmers in South Africa suffer from the “plaasmoorde”. Many have already been murdered and raped.

At the NOS I hear almost nothing about it. And no longer with the EO, the VARA, BNN and you name it. The newspapers seem to have a monstrous alliance to not bring certain news or color. And since everything can be fake, you can't really trust anything anymore. The MH17 events? The Twin Towers? Satanic child abuse? The truth about Corona, HCQ, drugs, vaccines, expert education, Maurice the Dog, polls. The line is literally endless.

New information is available at: Cafe Weltschmerz, OpiniEZ, the Blue Tiger studio, Robert Jensen, Follow The Money, Joop.nl. No start on. Politicians speak with flour in their mouths and voters fall for it, over and over again. Sometimes it makes me despondent. Wants to throw the axe in it. But then what? To become deplorable, as George Orwell describes in his 1984 book? People who work, make love, consume in a gray existence. Or there's more.

I certainly believe that. For me, the truth of the Bible is reliable. Of course, which too must be explained, applied. But it's my hold. The Rock I'm standing on.

Still, I would like to have a turn signal for the news. Reliable people who weigh, judge and do good investigative journalism. Is anyone gonna pick that up? A hole in the market, I'm sure. But whoever wants to pay for it, I don't know. No grant, no George Soros, no right-wing philanthropists, but reliable people who want to go for truth. Would they still exist?

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You'll see these five this summer!
You'll see these five this summer! the ant, the fly, the fruit fly, the mosquito, the wasp Hello, Summer. - This summer it is warm like these days, so tropical! The #insecten coming with whole armies at us. First we got a horde of ants at the barn door. Hundreds of ants. They plowed so much sand, it looked like molehills. Then the fly. I live in the countryside between the lands, so yes, there are always flies. But since a few days with this heat a lot of fat shit-flies. I always get them out of the house as soon as one comes in, because they poop everything down. Then the fruit fly! Whaaaa, I find that one of the most annoying there is. Do you know that if you eat a sandwich or have a drink, that it floats in front of your face every time and wants to land in your drink or on your sandwich? They're so small, but lightning fast. They seem to poop even though they are small too! And they are present in great numbers at the moment. The fruit has been moved to the fridge and part is outside. Then the mosquito! Oh, I'm all covered by mosquito bumps. Normally, I almost never get stabbed, but this week I spent a night outside and a candle against the mosquitoes on the table, but they thought I was so nice or dirty, that my arms, legs and cheeks had to believe it. That itch, blood irritant. I had vinegar, and I rubbed it on the spots with a cotton ball. Now I certainly don't smell good anymore, but hey it helps and oh yes, you can never scratch, because then there seems to be a speck of dust that makes it more itchy, said Leco at RTL Boulevard. Not that I'm watching that program, but I zapped and Leco just said something about the mosquito! And then the wasp. Brbrbrbrbrbr I'm afraid of that. Say panic! Sit as still as possible and stay calm, but I can't! As soon as I see one, I'm gonna scream and run. You don't want to see or hear that hahahaha. It's to be ashamed of your death. On holidays also whole campsites shouted together. To the inheritance of hubby who then really decides “I'm not part of this.” I've been stabbed three times in my life. The first time on my eyelid, that was really very painful and annoying. The second time it was in my nightgown and I was stabbed on my back and the third time during a walk on my middle finger. You understand, I'm a bit of a drama queen, but without joking, on the one hand they are useful insects and on the other hand a serious problem if you are allergic or if you get such a thing in your mouth. Brbrbr shouldn't think about it. I am always happy when autumn starts again, although sometimes one wants to stay wintering, but by autumn everything is quiet again, well quiet, then Mrs. spider with hubby and kids often emerges again, but I don't find that scary. 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