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Falcon, a paradise to visit

#photography   I come from a state called Falcón, a very versatile state that has beautiful beaches, dunes, cold mountain climate, waterfalls, it is also a state with colonial architecture and is one of the oldest states or one of the most historic and oldest capitals in Venezuela. If you have the opportunity to visit it, I invite you.

Its tourist places in the state are an ideal destination for tourism: the historic city of Coro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Médanos de Coro National Park, Adícora on the east coast of the Paraguana Peninsula, the Santa Ana hill, Punto Fijo on the west coast of Paraguana, the Sierra de San Luis National Park, the area with its xerophilic landscape and beautiful beaches the wonderful Morrocoy National Park and chichiriviche

medanos de coro park


morrocoy national park



Colonial Zone of the State Capital: Coro



Its capital Coro, is a tourist and historical city that offers great attractions to the visitor, with colonial cases, parks and monuments that speak of its glorious past. Most of them are located in the historic center, which makes the visitor spend most of the time there. A short distance from the city is the Médanos de Coro National Park, so you can visit it and return the same day.

Here are some photographs, some taken by my family and others I took from tourist publications





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