ej does not go to school,
unlike his sisters.
he envies them for that.

he has had to quit school,
the only thing that has made
him feel at least a bit
normal and has made
him forget about his
h e r i t a g e.

a little voice interrupts
his thoughts.

his youngest sister.

the five-year-oldginger headruns to himand hugs him
the five-year-old
ginger head
runs to him
and hugs him.
she is dressed
in a leotard.
today is her
dance recital.
her first ever.

arya exclaims again.
"are you coming
to my recital?"

the boy smiles
and hugs her back.
he wishes he could come.
at least that can distract him
for a bit.
but if people see him,
they will notice that something
is wrong.
it's enough that the elders know
about ej and his first phasing.

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EJ [2] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction