Fashion and its origin

Fashion is usually defined as a set of garments, ornaments
and accessories based on tastes, uses and customs that are used by
a majority of people for a certain period of time and that
they set the trend according to the duration of the same.

Throughout history, the chronological evolution of
different garments and different styles. It is considered to be
fashion such as the art of dress, clothing making and
accessories, whether bags, hats, gloves.

In addition to the need that human beings have to shelter ourselves with
these garments, over time the garments have acquired a
aesthetic character, because it reflects the taste and character of its wearer, and it has gone
turning it into another adornment of the person.

They are reflected in it
geographical, social, religious and sex factors, as it has often served
of sexual differentiation.

Fashion began with the appearance of Homo Sapiens, who wore fur
of animals he hunted and in the Neolithic period humans began to weave and spin.
Later in Egypt, more elaborate garments were developed,
mainly made of linen.

In the New Kingdom, the calasiris appeared,
a tight-fitting tunic, considered luxury at the time.
The main female garment was the blouse, a long and tight tunic of
different color depending on the social position of the wearer: white for the
peasant women and red or saffron for higher ranks