Fashion can be many things, it will depend on how you think about it. For many teenagers it is very important, it marks their lives and becomes an obsession. For others it's just something they don't pay much attention to. Just like the rest of the people: some follow fashion with great interest and even devotion, and others don't even know what they're wearing. From this diverse way of looking at fashion also arises the enormous difference that makes some see this form of expression as culture and others do not give it the slightest importance. But regardless of what everyone thinks about it, fashion does have a strong presence in families where there are teenagers, or at least, in many of them. This importance is given because it often becomes one of the main sources of conflict between parents and children. And if the way you dress or dress causes problems, so does spending. The preference for certain brands, the extreme desire to wear the same thing as others wear or the lack of any critical thinking when some teenagers have the clothes they are going to buy can also be a source of problems. In order not to suffer these problems, it is important for parents of teenagers to be aware of something: they want it or not, fashion is part of the lives of a large part of teenagers. And not only that, in most cases, fashion is a very effective form of communication and development and also a way of showing its rebelliousness. That is why I believe that both parents and children seek meeting points, so that we can both lead a life of respect, collaboration,

Fashion: Parents Vs Teens