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Father's Day key rack making out of clay

Father's Day is at the door again and of course we want to make something nice for that sweet daddy. But what's nice for him? I came up with a key rack made of clay. Always handy that daddy can hang his keys somewhere handy!

What do you need:

- Creall Do & Dry air-drying clay { zie ook onderaan dit blog}

- Creall glitter paint

- Small hook

- Creall clay tools

- Brush

- String

- Key

How to make it?

1. Roll out a piece of clay with the rolling pin { vind deze hier : Roller rolling pin }

2. Make a print with a key in the clay and press well.

3. Carefully remove the key from the clay. You now have a nice print

4. Use the knurled wheel to make nice edges

5. It's very easy and it has a nice effect.

6. With a round object or clay tool you make a hole in the clay at the top.

7. Carve letters in the clay: dad

8. Insert a clay hook into the clay

9. After a day of drying, you can start painting the key tile. Glitter paint is very beautiful to use for this. 

10. And ready is your key hanger tile! You can also make a nice keychain!


Find here the beautiful colored Creall glitter paint:

Click here for the blue glitter paint

Click here for the red glitter paint

Find here the Creall Do & Dry clay:

Click here for the clay

Find the Creall clay tools here:

Click here for clay tools


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