Fc Twente

Embarrassing moments.

Here at Yoors I see all of a sudden hashtags for football clubs passing by. The one I once worked for as a physiotherapist is not there. Don't worry, I've made a huge miss and I'm curious if it can be found anywhere.

You have to imagine, you study physical therapy and get to do an internship at Fc Twente. Great, right?
Well, I wasn't a huge football connoisseur, but I thought it was exciting anyway.
It went well, very well actually, after graduation I got a call to see if I wanted to work there as well.

All right, now to the moment. I'm not going to make it very specific, because then you're gonna pull out the divisible video footage in a minute...
But it was an important game.
Our striker got a great pass and managed to play it over the goalkeeper with the inside of the foot at once (out of the sky so no good assumption).

I jumped up from my couch cheerfully (the place where I was always positioned, even when I was still playing football). I then looked around me amazed, the others sat down and looked at me compassionate.

They had seen the outside game coming from miles away. Probably our striker had already seen it before he made the beautiful ball.