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Below is an explanation why FM perfume is original despite a different bottle and price.

There is quite a bit of uncertainty about how perfume fragrances are created in the world. Important to know is that the major perfume brands have their perfume developed and produced by DROM Fragrances in Germany. DROM Fragrances is the world's largest perfume producer with 80% market share, and the supplier of the major top brands. We at FM also buy all our perfumes in here! We can assure you that the FM Perfumes are not fake.


Take Chanel as an example. Chanel wants to bring a new fragrance on the market for the coming summer and therefore goes to its supplier” Drom Fragrances”. Here they ask for a floral, fresh, and especially summer-scented concentrate. When the whole fragrance has been developed, Drom gives it its own name e.g. Cat Walk.

Chanel does not call this summer newcomer Cat Walk but Coco Mademoiselle. Chanel replenishes this concentrate with pharmaceutical water and alcohol in such proportion that each bottle contains the right amount of perfume oil (eau de parfum or eau de toilette). All in all, Chanel buys a concentrate developed Drom. Supplements this yourself and then sells it under your own exclusive name, in your own bottle and own luxury packaging. This marketing as TV commercials, glossy's etc. makes the scents so expensive.

Perfand purchases existing concentrates developed by Drom Fragrance. For example, they also buy the new Cat Walk. Perfand uses a standard percentage of perfume: parfum 20% and eau de parfum 16%. The whole is delivered to FM Group. Here the fragrances are processed in a bottle and get a number instead of a name.

All these fragrances are contained in a standard bottle of recycled glass. No money is wasted on expensive commercials and designs. So you are assured of at least the same quality as that in expensive perfume stores only at an attractive price! The Perfumes of FM are not fake!

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