The kiss that sunsets and sunrises give to the world in many places is impressive, in the town where I was born, you can hear and perceive, the spectacular sunrises and sunsets with a range of yellows and oranges as if it were the most beautiful autumn, as well as shades of pink and violet, just as if we were in an eternal spring. It is a coastal town, but every dawn it filled me with joy and peace, listening to the chirping of the birds, cotas, parakeets and doves, which imitated sounds that overflowed with joy and infected the people we went to work, feeling the smell of the mastranto and the river when it brought water from the mountain. My village is very old, there is even an indigenous cemetery, and its geological formation is based on the sedimentation of the river that runs through it. I once read about Holland and its meaning of Antwerp and immediately related it to my people, since the different theories they try to explain are very related to my people. The presence of materials such as clay pots, stone spears, as well as the sedimentary formation of its soil, the shades of its spring-like sunsets and its sunrises that evoke autumn, the presence of its river. I wanted to share this memory that I hope you feel and perceive it as I do
Every evening was a poetry, to see those shades of pink, and yellow that dazzled the best of lovers, imagine what it was like on the beach of my town, while the sun went down and at the same time you saw that beautiful moon emerge like a radiant stele. That is why I will never forget my people and those beautiful experiences . #amberes