Island Rab sits in the middle of the "Gulf of Kvarner, accompanied by dozens of other Croatian islands." It's called The Happy Island because of its rich midlevel history when Romans called it  Felix Araba. Coming is possible by ferry and the landscape will astonish you - only open sea and a lot of small islands, and when you are finally there you'll notice a whole another world - city Rab is a small charming town with houses made of stones, a lot of narrow streets with many squares. It will take you on a historical journey with its tourist arrangments like the knight's game.

One of the creative ways to discover Rab is Horseback riding. There is no better synergy than one between man, his horse, and an island, especially if it is magical like Rab is! Horseback riding for beginners and advanced riders, on a horse riding trail through Dundo’s forest all up to the sea for a magnificent view on the beach Prištine. Plenty of places are hidden places for nude swimming, camping, and exploring! Do I have to ride… I mean, write more?!

Another fun way to discover Rab is through its phenomenal gastronomical offer - domestic vines and cheese, seafood is splendid and if you like to cook, you can be part of making the famous Rab cake with a recipe 800 years old, that was obligatory cake on nobleman table. For making that cake and putting it as tourist content, island Rab got awards for the most creative souvenirs.


Photo: Sandra Radoš

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Felix Araba - Happy Island Rab, Croatia