More than a simple event that captivates a huge group of spectators, festivals are the representation of art, music and dance. Where their interpreters give lectures or entertain the public with their talents. there are renowned festivals like tomorrowland in Belgium, known as the biggest electronic music event in the world. And the Brazilian Carnival, where beautiful carriages and dancers in very colorful costumes parade in the main cities of Rio de Janeiro. and there are other smaller festivals, which are held locally and often go unnoticed by the press internationally. In this case, the festival of the "parade of the madmen". held in the city of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajato state in Mexico. What is celebrated in this festival and what is its peculiar name? In principle, it is celebrated in honor of San Pascual Baylon (a Franciscan friar venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church), the gardeners celebrate and thank him for the good harvests using masks, hats and very colorful objects. Now, its name as such comes from the fact that a number of "crazy people" go out to parade through the streets without fear of what they will say, singing, shouting, dancing and doing anything that can attract the attention of the crowd. Every June 13, San Antonio de Pádua is commemorated, so this parade has to take place the first weekend after this celebration and then the hundreds of people who are going to parade begin to gather around 10:00 a.m. tomorrow at the San Antonio Church since, at 11 am this colorful event should begin; The route takes place through the streets of Zacateros, Hernández Macías, Insurgentes, Aparicio and Núñez, then they go down through San Francisco and the final destination is the Jardín. and throughout the tour the participants let their "inner madness" shine through. And as a gesture of gratitude, the crazy people throw candy at all the spectators.

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the pictures was taken from: www.tripadvisor.com  www.mexicodesconocido.com.mx