Turning my fiat 500 "Topolino" in a micro camper for our honeymoon.. 🥰

I made the mattress of left over scrap fabrics and stuffed it with pillows. It’s really thick and cozy to sit on 😊

Next step is to make small cabinets to fill up the sides where the backseat used to be wider (this isn’t covered by the mattress). I will make the cabinets from felt and tick pieces of cardboard. My husband told me wooden interior would be too dangerous if we got into an accident, because it could harm us.. so I’m having fun to find alternative (and safe) ways to make my teeny tiny micro camper with Topolino 💛

PS: excuse Topolinos’ dirty bum please, he is getting a bath tomorrow 🙈😅

Fiat 500 micro camper home !