Film: Un Monde Shame and Sadism in Primary School

An immersive dive into the not-so-innocent life at school. Nora wants nothing more than to make friends at her new elementary school. But in the schoolyard, she sees that her big brother Abel is being harassed. If she wants to help him, it goes from bad to worse. While her father wants her to speak, her brother wants her to remain silent, leaving Nora in front of a tearing choice.

Un Monde also reminds you how intimidating other kids could be, purely because they were a few heads taller. And at the age of six or seven, the moment you go to primary school in Belgium, that's almost everyone.

When you get bullied at Shoal you can talk to your parents, but also to your mentor or confidant at Shoal going. Together, you can find a solution. Your parents can also do a number of things do to make it bullying against to go, like going to school management.

What is bullying? Bullying is different from teasing. Bullying has major consequences. Bullying happens consciously and structurally. In addition, there is a difference in power between the child who is bullied and the child being bullied. Pupils can be bullied in different ways at school, for example verbally or physically.