Filosofie van op de hoek van Rudi's wijsheidsstraatje: Nr.5

We moeten zelf aan onze weg timmeren. We kunnen ten rade gaan maar uiteindelijk moeten we zelf beslissen wat we met ons leven gaan doen en hoe we het zullen doen.

Alle wegen leiden misschien naar Rome, maar jouw weg leidt naar jouw vervulling van jouw leven.

Maak je eigen kleur, je eigen smaak, je eigen kracht.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

Wil jij me volgen, geef een seintje, ik volg je dan ook!


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The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (8)
#140w Today in the challenge #140w May with the word breadcrumbs or bread and crumbs something more airy although for breadcrumbs it means something different. Said one bread crumb to the other: “I'm not feeling well today, it's as if I have a cold. I feel stiff and dusty, maybe I got a fungus?”. The second breadcrumb nodded and replied with a grainy voice: “It's not all right with me either. Maybe it's an epidemic because I feel the same way. I suggest that we pay a visit to the doctor, a matter not to affect other breadcrumbs.” That's what the first breadcrumb agreed:” Yes I agree, we must take our responsibility.” So to say, so done, at the doctor after a thorough examination he said: “Yes, it's not an epidemic,. Perhaps just an inattention of your owner. He probably left the bread bag open for too long. That way you got sick.” © Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere