It's time for us to move on and find a new place where we can make something of ourselves. We have big plans and we want to realise them right now.! (I'll write more about this later!)

I'm looking for pretty little palace on the internet. One is even more beautiful than the other. I can lose myself at the sight of an old school or dilapidated farm in what all of us could do with it.
But still, hey.. Yet some photos are hilarious. In the Netherlands, you won't see a real estate agent post such photos. If a broker does, you'll soon see the ad back on Dumpert.

Something you'll never experience in the Netherlands, but that's quite common here: buying a house that someone else lives in.
'Four Room House, Well Maintained. Mr. 72, in good condition, inhabited the house.'
You'll buy a house in the hope that the best man, despite his good condition, will soon be able to do it. Because at that point, you're only allowed to move into the house.

Or what do you think of this house?? Really, this is only possible in France! 😅

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