Ever felt shy of flashing your white teeth just because of the shapeless appearance of your incisors or any other part of your teeth.

The teeth has a special way of impacting confidence in you. So having a white teeth shouldn't just be your only goal but strong teeth count as well.

Why do my teeth break? Find out the reasons your teeth keep chipping off.

Worn out and brittle teeth will slowly start cracking and breaking off. The teeth is strongly built on the jaw but when it is not properly cared for. It begins chipping off.

There are many factors that can cause your teeth to start breaking uncontrollably. They are;

1. Bad oral care
Allowing bacteria to flood your teeth will have a very deteriorating effects on the health of your teeth.

There are beneficial bacteria that contribute to a healthy teeth but not maintaining a clean mouth will promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

These bacteria tend to break down the enamel slowly and steady. This results to the thinning of the enamel, decay or dental caries and eventual breaking down of your teeth.

Poor oral care can also lead to periodontal disease. This is the disease of the gum. The early manifestation of this disease is called gingivitis which may be treated after causing  tissue damage.

But prolonged poor dental care will lead to periodontitis which is hard to get treated. It usually cause holes in your gum because of retraction of bone and muscle in your teeth.

The holes created im your teeth get filed with debris leading to more and more infection.

Therefore, practice good oral hygiene. Ensure to wash your teeth least once daily but preferably twice daily.

2. Bruxism
Bruxism is subconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth excessively to the extent of wearing the teeth.

Do you grind your teeth during the day? Or throughout the night? Uncertain whether you grind your teeth, consult a medical personnel. To help ascertain and find solution earlier enough. When not controlled earlier will amount to the breaking down of your teeth.

3. Advance in age

After long years of use, the teeth tend to get weakened. That's why it's advised to be mindful of what you eat and chew at younger age because they will definitely take their till in your teeth during old age.

Repeatedly filling your teeth at younger age, eating sugary foods and drinks will all show their ugly faces on your teeth when you become old.

4. Nature of foods eaten
Regularly eating hot and cold foods tend to weaken the teeth integrity and structure. Constantly switching between these foods will continue to expand and contract the teeth.

By and large, leading to weakness of the teeth and breaking of the teeth.

In addition, sugary foods like candies, cookies, sugary beverages are never the friends of the teeth.

Reduce their intake if you don't want to experience constant chipping of your teeth.  These foods can lead to dental caries and tooth decay.


Find out why you teeth is constantly breaking