"Once upon a dream" she said to me
a long time ago,
with the wisdom of ancestral Love and a drum,
"be a hummingbird, don't be afraid to fly".

Finding a jaguar roar from inside,
healing a broken soul and heart,
so that the lost girl can be found -
"Open your eyes, there's still Love inside"

"Let light be victorious," said Peter Pan,
White roses and rainbow eucalyptus tree
planted in Eaden garden now,
celebrating serpents' power of the south.

Golden eyes all over the timeline,
Lost girl found herself in the condors flight,
and one blue feather for simplicity of life,  
being in alignment with the guiding stars.

Finding a Lost Girl, while becoming a mystery for a self,
still looking into a mirror with her left eye,
asking "Who you are?" with a wide smile,
because the journey was painful and hard,
but the Lost girl is a Buffalo Woman.

"Good medicine woman knows to detach from stories that no longer serve"
and "follow the light"
- best two pieces of advice she ever had -
now when she's all grown up, but still like a Child,
"what it takes for a Lost girl to be found?"

Love is the answer, as Hope never leaves her side,
she is swimming in the Moons tides while
"gladly ride the waves of life",
dancing in the Sun with her shade,
"loving every next step" Found Girl will take!

#poetry #lostgirl

Finding a Lost Girl