Do you have a Disney Fan at Home?

NEMO and the forgetful DORY are  the favourites as they are so cool and fun.

We made NEMO and DORY toilet roll crafts and to extend the fun, I made a marble drop game to brush up the  colour and math skills.

🐠Here are the steps of crafting our cute fishes.

🔹Cut circles of width 0.5 inch and arrange as shown in the pic.
🔹The larger circles are made by joining two circles.
🔹Cut out pieces to add as fins and eyes.

🐠Marble drop game:

🔹 We recycled a shoe box and pizza pox.
🔹Use the portion of the shoe box as shown in the pic.
🔹Cut out drop holes in the middle portion.
🔹Bend the other parts in angles and cut out supporting stands in he shapes as in pic.
🔹Attach the pieces as shown.
🔹Add bendable straw along corners and thread the yard through.
🔹Create controllers with cardboard circles and skewer.
🔹Attach the end of the yarn to the controller
🔹Add foam Nemo with marble holder in the middle of the yarn.
🔹Get the marbles to the destination by using controllers.

🐠Version 1:
Colour recognition
🐠Version 2:
Number and  number names.
We added a few paper shells on which number names were written. Kid has to drop the marble in the correct option.
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