Fine elections

#elections When we talk about elections, the first thing we imagine are the elections of presidents, governors, mayors, and other offices, when in reality there are many kinds of elections.

I, as a woman, am a faithful follower of the pageants or beauty pageants, from Miss Venezuela in my country to the Miss Universe and Miss World.
Take as an example the Miss Universe, your choice is made by a qualifying jury invited by the organizers of the event, judging the integral beauty, elegance, personality, bearing, pose, communication and safety.
Each candidate represents her country of origin and the winner of the title represents the organization for one year.
As a curious fact I want to tell you that Venezuela has been characterized by having a strong presence and preparation in terms of its contestants, what has found the country has held the largest number of beauty titles in the world, and being the only one to autocrown (back to back).

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