Finished with Facebook? Then Yoors is what for you πŸ‘


Do you remember? Hyves, what a nice platform, suddenly it was a hype, everyone could find you there. Now you have Facebook, which is getting more and more miserable. As you know I have a lot of Pages, I know a lot of people through the Facebook platform. But I have discovered a platform for several years now: β€œYoors” the platform where you can chat with each other, blog about what you keep busy and post nice things.
You can sign up just like you can sign in on Facebook, so no fees. Come take a look. I would love it super, to people who regularly on my post of
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Do you remember? -EBB
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Congratulations -Heart
Low-carbohydrate tips and recipes
Grandma & Grandpa
Do you remember? The Netherlands then and now
Recipes for everyone
Rotterdam my city
Fun ideas
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5 December
Christmas all year round
Etc... etc... react and take a look.
Greetings Ellie #yoorspromotie