Fishing crafts with popsicle sticks

Crafts with popsicle sticks we all know. There is really little to explain to that. The only thing that's hard is choosing! Because which figure and which color is the most fun? If you choose fish, I can help you make these.


The Glue:

You can make various figures with it, and you just stick it with a glue. If you are convenient with a glue gun, then it's the finest and fastest. Adults also easily glue with a tube allmucus, but the disadvantage is that such a tube continues to drip.

Also a fine glue is the Heutink Interglue with the green cap, or other cuddle glue, e.g. from Creall or Collall. If you glue, you need to lay it down for half a minute to allow it to dry. So have a little patience:) Amsterdam Mediumgel is also a perfect glue that dries quickly and glues firmly. That is in a jar, apply with a brush and costs about 13 euros in the hobby shop. Unfortunately quite expensive, but it's really great stuff!

Wood glueseemsobvious, but, on the contrary, is not suitable. This glue is wall-resistant but often has to dry for hours with a wood clamp. So for crafting of course not convenient. Also a glue stick such as Pritt marker is not fine for sticking lollipop sticks.

What first?

You can choose to paint first and paste after drying, or you will first paste and then paint. It can be both. I first pasted and then painted, but it can also be the other way around.

Make mouths and eyelets out of paper, cardboard, foam rubber or felt, or in my case of Foam Clay and Silk Clay. With a waterproof marker I drew an eye and drew strokes on the blue.

To decorate the fish you can use all kinds of rhinestones, flowers, florets, wiggle eyes, paper, felt, glitter, ribbons and other ornaments.


Below some moreextra inspirations for making a fish with wooden popsicle sticks.

Have fun making, because I assume you don't just let these ideas swim away...!

Stick sequins on it. Source:

Painting the sticks in advance is more convenient in this case. Source: AllFreekidsCrafts

Combined with Washi paper!

Source: YouTube

Paper bodice. Source: The Resourceful Mama

With chenille thread and glitter. Source: Crafty Morning

Combined with felt.

Source: Live. Craft.Love. - Darice

With feathers. Source:

Or make other fish with just the popsicle stick as a stick. Source: Blitsy

With 14 sticks instead of 8. Deavita

Just a little different again. Source:

Or a little painting with a paper fish on it

Source: Glued To My Crafts


And this one is very beautiful! Source:


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