Five Easy Ways to Meditate

#meditation Meditation helps you to get to know yourself, as you move inward and set aside the ego.

This way you gain confidence and strength since you know what your priorities are and you know that you are worthy of reaching them.

Here are some of the benefits I have found when meditating:
-Releases Stress: Meditation reduces stress-related symptoms by relaxing muscles, slows down heart rate and returns stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) to normal levels.
-Provides calm and inner tranquility: When meditating you enter a state of stillness and comfort that provide mental clarity. And at the same time you feel the connection with your inner self.
-Consciousness in the present: By paying all attention to the moment you get to live in fullness. You get free from the stream of thoughts that are often polluting, because sometimes they are guilt, remorse for the past or anticipation of the future.
-Vitality: By achieving a state of tranquility this gives you energy and vitality as it refreshes your mind and cleans it from all the load stored throughout the day.
-Reduce negativity: being aware of your emotions you can change your reactions. Actually, those difficult times are an opportunity to learn and get to know you better.

There are many ways to meditate and today I will propose meditation through the senses.

1- Visual meditation
In a comfortable position with your back upright, arms and hands relaxed, focus on your breathing, on every inhalation and exhalation.

This helps you to calm your body and mind.

Now look at what's in front of you like it's the first time you see it. Look at the colors, the shapes, try to go further.

2- Touch meditation
Choose objects from different materials (clay, feather, stone, flour, water,...) and place them in front of you.

Alternatively grab each object and dedicate a few seconds.

Feel its weight in the palm of your hand, texture and aceríciate it. From now on pay attention to the tactile feeling of your day to day.

3- Taste meditation
This is what I emphasize on each of the sessions with my clients. It's about tasting the food instead of gobbling it up.

To begin with, choose one of the meals you make throughout the day.

Eliminate all sorts of distractions (TV, mobile, newspaper,...).

Start by paying attention to the dish, watch the food as if it were the first time you see it. Observe its color, shape, smell,..

It is about feeling each of the sensations that each bite produces, texture, temperature, taste,... Put all your senses focused on what you are eating.

It also feels how the mouth and muscles move to chew and swallow.

At the end of eating visualize how food transforms into energy and feels like your body is.

4- Sound meditation
Pay attention to the sounds that surround you.

What do you hear from the right ear? And for the left? Where does the sound come from in front, from behind,...?

As you are aware of the sounds, go adjusting perception. It's like you're removing layers, and extending your ear beyond the first impression.

With practice you can bring perception to your inner sound.

5- Olfactory meditation
As with the previous meditation it is about paying attention to the smells you perceive.

You can do it while you walk down the street.

Start by being aware of your breathing, making it relaxed and deep.

Then you start to feel the smells, for example of the fast food establishment, the cafeteria, the perfumery,...

Go tuning to more subtle smells and when you taste each aroma you notice that sensations produce you.

Meditating is not a complicated thing you just have to put yourself to it.