Five Tips to limit your child’s Screen Time

Isn't it so fascinating that today’s children are learning how to use gadgets before they actually learn to speak and walk?
Increased screen time in kids is a matter of concern for all parents today. National Institute of Health study in 2018 has reported that the increased screen time in children may cause the thinning of the brain’s cortex and lower their scores in language and thinking tests.  

On one hand, technology has made our life way easier, on another hand; it has created a few concerns for us. Thanks to pandemics, online education has made the use of technology an inevitable part of our kids’ lives. Research has shown that children spend about 44.5 hours (6hours/day) each week in front of the screen.  In such a case, it’s crucial for parents to have some control over their kids’ screen time
Let’s discuss the different ways which can help you to control your child’s screen time.
5 tips to limit your child’s screen time

1)    Tell  by your behavior
After becoming parents you are always under the watch of your children. Children learn more from your actions than your words. So for this reason set an example by your behavior. If you spend the whole day in front of the screen and tell your children to have some screen-free time, then let me tell you it’s never going to work.
First, you must have some control over your own screen timing then only you can expect the same from your children

2)    Create a screen-free zone in the home
In your home, your dining table is not just furniture but it’s a very important part of your home, as it’s the place where all the members of the family gather once or twice a day. So it should be restricted from the use of electronic devices.
In your home, some places should be there, where any kind of electronic devices should not be available, whether it's a phone, laptop, or TV. This zone should be completely reserved for family meals and family conversations. In this way, your child will be away from the screen.  

3)    Use parental control
I am sure the founders of electronic devices must be parents too, which made them incorporate parental features in these devices. The main reason for increased screen time in children is the addiction to certain games and shows over the internet. For this reason, it is a must for parents to use the parental control feature available on all electronic devices.

Most of the routers, web browsers and TVs have this feature of parental control which you can set up to filter unwanted content. In the case of smartphones, many apps are there, which you can download to filter the unwanted content. Many of these apps are also developed in such a way that they will allow you to block certain websites, web searches, and even keywords.

4)    Encourage other activities
One of the reasons for kids to hop on electronic devices is loneliness. Today most of the kids are single children of their parents, and their parents are also busy with their own set of duties which make them feel lonely.  It's your duty as a parent to introduce them to other interesting activities like outdoor games, reading, drawing, and painting which keep them busy and diverted from using such devices.

This will also help you to establish a schedule that everyone follows. Having a clear conversation about the limited use of screens and their benefits can avoid many arguments between you and your child.

5)    Avoid giving the personal device
You can have control over your child’s screen time unless and until you have given them their personal devices. Once you give them their personal device, then no matter how much you try to control their screen time, it would be very difficult for you. So a better decision is not to give them their personal device till a certain age.

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